French building plot

french building plot

French building plot

French building plot and farmland  what is the difference? How to know if your land is a farmland or a building plot? If you want to make sure that the field you intend to buy is buildable, you need to go to the Planning Department of the municipality of your future land and see the Local Development Plan (PLU). This document defines the common features in several areas according to their assignment (residential area, industrial area or agricultural area …)

What is a “PLU” ?

The PLU is a document used to plan and define the territory of the municipality project; environmental projects, economic development or to travel or placement. The PLU is a regulatory tool that sets the land use rules (where build? For what types of buildings? What are the protected sites? Why are they protected)

Don’t worry about your farmland, it could grow up into a building plot. The change from a non-building land for a building plot is based on the evolution of the PLU. These plans are changed via two procedures, modification and revision. Therefore, a non-building land can become buildable. The change is a simple procedure that belongs only to the mayor or not. The amendment must then be approved by the municipal council.

Once your land classified as buildable and bought you deal with COS. The use of PLU engenders the COS.

What is the “COS” ?

COS otherwise called floor area ratio, determined in France the maximum amount of construction or minimum permitted on your property depending on its size. It is controlled during the building permit. COS or coefficient of land use is a document provided by the town hall. It sets the net off work surface (floor area) building, that is to say the maximum buildable floor area on a plot. This gives the building surface of a plot by multiplying it by the COS m² surface of the land shown on Maps


Example :
On a plot of 1000 m2, the regulation provides for a maximum COS 0.4 can build up to 1000 m2 × 0.4 = 400 m2 of floor area.

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