Dordogne watermills

Dordogne watermills
mill water

Dordogne watermills 

Why not living in Dordogne watermills  ? 

A new market category appear in the European real estate market. Those original homes are old mills, churches and ancient castles.  Lot of people think about living in a Dordogne watermills. 

This new category is not related to the current crisis. They can be turn into nice hotel mills, or big villa. An old mill of the 19th century was transformed into a villa of 300 square meters.

In Carsaillac Aillac an old mill was turn into a beautiful Tea Room Bar which is now on sale (agency link) Buyers interested in investing in old mills must support that they need a lot of renovation and that the mill maintenance costs are very high.

On top of that  are often too old and buildings are recorded as rural buildings. Living in a watermill also big advantage. The watermill is using her water power of using the power of water to create energy. Enabling huge energy savings. Dordogne watermills are energy friendly.

Other types of mill, the windmill. The windmill uses the wind force witch engage a blade rotation system that creates an energy . They were used in the old days for bakers. The mill market is a rare and exclusive market.

The demand is large but supply is much more limited.

This is why the mill is a luxury product, sales prices range from 150,000 euros for a mill that requires a lot of renovation to about 800,000 euros for an already renovated mill and re move into houses or cottages . Dordogne renovation of Mill houses or bed and breakfast is commonplace, because of the fact that a primarily English clientele visiting the Dordogne.

Foreigners love the rustic and the contrast between the outside often original and the interior completely renovated in a modern spirit, and so a lot did after purchasing a Dordogne watermills.

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