Buying French property

buying french property

Why buying your french property ? 

Buying French property do you think about it ?

Why buying your french property? You probably ask yourself the question. This article is made for you. He will answer questions that you ask and which, perhaps, prevents you take the plunge to buy your French property .

Let’s talk about  French architecture first. French architecture is without a doubt a major asset. French architecture combines different styles across France. It includes  three styles property defined, born the ancient architecture of the Greeks which is often of square houses the particular style. There are also at the Gallo Roman style and Christian architecture. Each region has its type of house. In the north, in Picardy for example, houses are often made of red brick and woodwork, they are often single-storey houses. In Aquitaine the styles vary, ranging from Landais style, white and red houses with several colunms wooden going trough  Bordeaux houses witch is bourgeoi style, and ending with an older style in the Dordogne which are essentially made of character house made of stone and beams apparent inside rather rustic. The Savoy has wooden houses in the Savoyard style, also called cottage, which are mainly French houses made of wood.

The climate in France is also a big advantage. The France has a varied climate, neither too hot or too cold, to the position where several climates mix. This is also called a temperate climate, or average.

Having already talk about French gastronomy, I encourage you to look at our article that talks about this subject.

Concerning the difference in purchasing power the Euro is lower. Currently one pound is equal 1, 30 euros approximately. So it is much most affordable in France, life  is cheaper than in some areas of the UK.

So ? Ready to buying French property ?

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